Exercise VUP

Everyone is different!

We offer in-house VO2 tests to reveal data about your physiology. It’s a smarter way to design an exercise or diet program suitable to you.


Trainer smarter, not harder … go faster

VO2 max and lactate testing for cyclists, runners and triathletes. But anybody training for an endurance event can benefit; from serious road racers to those planning a “L’Etape” holiday; from serious runners trying to run a faster distance race to those just stepping up from that 10k to half-marathon or the full thing. Come in, be tested and you’ll know exactly what heart rate to use for your long runs to get the maximum benefit and still be able to walk the following day.

To make an appointment call: (08) 8431 8993 or email on: admin@vup.net.au
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Weight loss or control (15 minute test)

Metabolic testing: Once you to learn your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): how many calories you burn in a day and what is the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, you can take control of your diet and exercise program.

You can also learn your Active Metabolic Rate (AMR): your body’s physiological response and requirements for exercise including aerobic and anaerobic V02 thresholds, a profile of your base aerobic fitness and complete training plans to control weight management or exercise performance. We use Korr Medical Technology’s product, the Cardio Coach C02 to ensure the highest level of testing accuracy.

To make an appointment call: (08) 8431 8993 or email on: admin@vup.net.au